Friday, November 19, 2010

Maxi Mounds At Boobster News Center


Today I made a new "living" through the radio, which began on Wednesday 17th November the center of Madrid and has had its denouement today through the program RN3 "It All Starts Today" led by Ángel Carmona .

Once, having drinks with a group of friends, one of them confessed that her sister had asked for advice to make your orgasms more "credible" "... nail it nails in the back, never fails. I use it when I'm tired and so ends quickly, "she advised .

That many women fake orgasms is a reality and it corroborates the famous sexologist Pilar Cristóbal, who collaborated on this project with data revealing.

This "living" is to expose, through an ironic plot, this aspect of female sexuality that is never spoken.

The viewer encounters an acting coach who advertises a class to learn how to fake orgasms (as several students have asked for advice and she gives realize that there are potential customers).

actress Lupe River, which plays the role of teacher, handed out Wednesday by the city center around flyers to advertise their classes (ojo! not say that's just for women) and today radio program "It All Starts Today" has conducted a live interview to ask how this initiative has emerged, how are those classes, which customers have ..., leaving a space for the public to step in and write a review.

Men and women who do not know that this is something fictitious, react to this situation at their discretion and his experiences in the art of "interpretation" and shows different reactions.

At the end of the radio program was revealed that everything has been a "living" by Yolanda Dominguez for people to feel this reality and react as it sees before it.

Thanks to the actress Lupe River has been put in the role of this peculiar teacher, Mara Leon, to portray the reactions of the public, Pilar Cristobal, a sexologist who has produced interesting data as you step to tell then, and especially the team of "It All Starts Today" for his cooperation and confidence in this project.

Here you can listen to the audio interview!:

Pilar Christopher , sexual education expert and regular contributor to programs on sex in various media, very interesting data points on this issue.

Before the Second World War, Magnus Hirschfeld produced the first research on sexuality between people asking questions of his inner circle, in which all women reported having vaginal orgasms ( "but not true ... "says sexologist , " ... these responses were conditioned, because the interviewer was a man before who did not want to look bad ").

In the 30's, U.S. performed in the first serious scientific research of Kinsey hand, a renowned entomologist, which reflects that 40% of women do not experience orgasm but pretending that your partner does not feel bad.

Later Masters & Johnson, makers of the concept of sexology and the figure of sexologist, indicate for the first time 90% of women can not have vaginal orgasms because physically it is very difficult (leaving 10% a few exceptions).

Scientifically it is proven that if there is no clitoral orgasm, penetration actually works by causing the effect opposite turning excitement. Realizing that women can no longer overcome the excitement, they pretend not to upset his partner and they do not lengthen the time of penetration, and would end up proving painful.

The latest survey, currently performed by European institutes in collaboration with famous brands of condoms analyzes the causes that lead women to fake orgasm:

- First is the maternal instinct, the desire to protect their peers and not to hurt his pride.

- second by a matter of self , by the need to get into the pattern of "woman perfect. "

- And finally for not extend too much sex.

The best solution to not go on pretending orgasm begins to recognize it, then well informed about female sexuality (through scientific studies and reliable) and above all reflect on the roles to create role models that fit our needs.

To Pilar Cristóbal, fake orgasms is not a problem, but a "feature". Ensures that all women have faked once, and that begins to occur in men also feel pressure to make the cut in the eyes of women. The debate is

open to all those who want to discuss and review this item ...


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